Would Batman Do Crossfit?

May 28

As a Batman fan for over 20 years, and Crossfitter for 5, I wonder, would Batman be a Crossfitter? Lets look at the benefits.

would batman be a crossfitter?

1. More athletic – He needs it to be agile and avoid enemy attacks.

2. Strength – When fighting stronger enemies such as Bane he needs that extra strength that Crossfit would provide.

3. Flexibility – Of course Batman requires flexibility so that when he springs into and out of situations he will be able to react without pulling a hammy.

4. Fighting – Fighting bad guys requires insane cardio and Crossfit offers that.

<h3>However, Batman Would Train Privately</h3>

Batman is not a team player and is not interested in making friends. Plus he has enough money to make a part of his mansion the sickest Crossfit box in the world.

I hear this box in West Palm Beach has a Batman Crossfit Program.


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