Christian Bale Batman movies cited as bad influences

Fans of Christian Bale Batman movies and comic book movies in general may not like a report published Monday in Wales.

According to, Batman Begins and other modern super hero movies are bad influences on the world’s youth.

In an article titled “Macho superheroes are setting teens a bad example”, writer Clare Hutchinson of the Western Mail wrote:

The “macho” role models in comic books and movies, such as Christian Bale’s Batman in The Dark Knight, may be damaging the social skills of teenagers and even affecting their performance at school, it was claimed last night.

“There is a big difference in the movie superhero of today and the comic book superhero of yesterday,” said US psychologist Professor Sharon Lamb, from the University of Massachusetts in Boston.

“Today’s superhero is too much like an action hero who participates in non-stop violence; he’s aggressive, sarcastic, and rarely speaks to the virtue of doing good for humanity.

“When not in superhero costume, these men, like Iron Man, exploit women, flaunt bling and convey their manhood with high-powered guns.”

That may be true about Iron Man — the strippers on Tony Stark’s plane fits Professor Lamb’s profile to a tee — but Batman Begins and The Dark Knight aren’t exactly known for their T and A appeal.

Unless Christopher Nolan decides to film part of Batman 3 inside a New Orleans brothel, it’s unlikely that Batman’s image as a Dark Knight for justice is going to change.


Batman 3: Eric Roberts won’t be Batman

Give Eric Roberts credit for cracking a funny. In an interview with USA Weekend’s Brian Truitt, the veteran character actor told the reporter he had exclusive information on Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Batman 3 movie.

Roberts said:

“I’m going to break this only to you: I am Batman next time.”

Considering Eric Roberts played mobster Salvatore Marone in Batman: The Dark Knight (2005), the likelihood of him replacing Christian Bale as Batman is slim-to-none.

You can see Roberts in the current Sylvester Stallone action movie The Expendables, which features just about anybody who has every played a part in an action film in the past 30 years.

Just don’t expect to see Roberts seeing action as Batman in Batman 3.  That would truly be funny.


Christian Bale replaced by Ben Affleck = today’s sign of the apocalypse

Perhaps Christian Bale just flat out bailed on the untitled Terrence Malick romantic drama that was set to begin filming in October. But was the big screen Batman replaced by Ben Affleck?

Apparently so.

Numerous reports cite Ben Affleck taking over the role Christian Bale was supposed to play in a film that also reportedly features Javier Bardem (Vicky Cristina Barcelona),  Rachel McAdams (Sherlock Holmes) and Rachel Weisz (The Lovely Bones).

Bale was reportedly cast to portray a fisherman in this Malick movie, and the Boston Herald said Affleck was in an Oklahoma Bass Pro Shops store last week purchasing fishing gear with his wife Jennifer Garner and two daughters.

Now perhaps it’s a Christian Bale bias we have here at Batman Movie News and Rumors, but getting replaced in a film by Ben Affleck is akin to being kicked in the gonads.

(See Peal Harbor sucked video from Team America: World Police if you don’t get the reference.)

I need you like Ben Affleck needs acting school. He was terrible in that film“.


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Houston Batman movie could offer intrigue

There’s nothing currently in movie production, but a daring screenwriter should pen “Houston Batman” … a story that has nothing to do with the Christian Bale caped crusader.

Nick Redfern on retold the tale of “The Houston Batman”, a real-life Batman encounter that occured in Houston in 1953.

Citing a report in the Houston Chronicle, Redfern recounted the words on eye-witness Hilda Walker. She said:

“Suddenly about 25 feet away I saw a huge shadow across the lawn. I thought at first it was the magnified reflection of a big moth caught in the nearby street light. Then the shadow seemed to bounce upward into a pecan tree. We all looked up. That’s when we saw it.”

Hilda went on to describe the entity to the newspaper as follows: “It was the figure of a man with wings like a bat. He was dressed in gray or black tight-fitting clothes. He stood there for about 30 seconds swaying on the branch of the old pecan tree… It had the exact appearance of a man dressed in a tight fitting uniform similar to a paratrooper. He was encased in a halo of light.”

I don’t know about you, but I hope a Houston Batman movie is developed post haste. Plug Gary Busey in the title role and you have the makings of an entertaining film.


Christian Bale has no competition from How To Batman

Christian Bale may retire the Batman costume after the Batman 3 movie is released in 2012. Let’s just hope he doesn’t hand it off to this guy … How To Batman … a man who has no business wearing Batman costumes so tight. Ever!

How To Batman has a movie franchise of his own which is not related to Batman Begins or The Dark Knight. This Gotham City … uh … crusader has produced instructional videos on how to do everything from dress for an interview to make a western.

In the name of Lucius Fox, make him stop!!!!!!

The video below shows How To Batman telling us how to order from Subway.

Hold the cheese, dude!


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Batman 3 movie plot rumor with Inception twist

What if Christopher Nolan’s untitled Batman 3 movie sequel to The Dark Knight stole a page straight from Nolan’s Inception movie script?

Hmm … makes you think.

A huge tip of the bat hat goes to Incredible Batman on Tumblr, who initially floated this notion that The Dark Knight was just an Inception-inspired dream-within-a-dream scenario. His Inception meets Batman Photoshop creation features Batman sleeping on the floor, with The Joker and Harvey “Two-Face” Dent sleeping on the bed.

Standing in the middle is none other than Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who played Arthur the point man in Christopher Nolan’s Inception movie.

How ironic would it be if Levitt, rumored to be one of the top candidates to portray The Riddler in Batman 3, would go into the hallway, walk on the ceiling, jump in the shower and change into The Riddler’s green question-mark suit? Hmm ….

This plot is starting to take shape. *jk*

But who knows? If Batman 3 opens with the Batmobile tumbling off the Gotham Bridge in slow motion, I’m crying foul.


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Batman movie mogul used bloody knuckles to achieve success

If you thought the movie Batman Begins was an “overnight success”,  executive producer and mastermind Michael Uslan says think again.

The man behind the Christian Bale Batman franchise, a series of films that features a dark, brooding Batman, said it was far from easy. In fact, Uslan said the modern Batman movie franchise was built with his “bloody knuckles”.

Uslan revealed this nugget in a great interview he gave to TechCrunch. He described the decade of work behind Batman Begins.

Uslan said:

“If you have a high level for frustration, you can do it. That’s how I did it. These dark serious Batman movies, the Batman franchise, was built on my bloody knuckles.”